Devoted to Artists

Ethical Music Streaming
Exclusively for Independent Artists and their Fans
Artists get paid fairly
Fans earn a cut of the pie


You will earn $7.00/Month per supporting fan. 
(100 Fans supporting you on Chords = $700.00/Month).

Each time a fan decides to support you, the duration of his/her support will last for 1 month and will automatically renew each month. 

If the fan decides to support a different artist , the $7.00/Month will switch to the new supported artist.

If a new fan discovers you through a Chords Fan Page and decides to support you, a $1.00 discount will be applied to the monthly membership of the Fan through which you were discovered.

This will give an extra incentive to your supporting fans to help you grow your supporting fan base.

Artists Pricing


Build your community around your music.

Help your fans earn discount through their profile
    and zero out their membership.

100% Ad-Free




Build and manage your community with 
a simple UI centered around you and your fans.

100% FREE

You choose who gets
your money.

Get Paid

You will earn $7.00/Month
for each fan supporting 
you on Chords.


Chords is ASCAP
and BMI licensed.


Know your supporters.
Interact directly with them.
Build your community.

Chords was created with one goal in mind:

To create a fair-trade streaming platform exclusively
for independent artists and their fans and where artists get paid fairly.



This is what you
will get out of
each support.


Monthly subscription
paid by your fans.


This is what we need
to keep the app
up and running.

* Amount may vary based on referral discounts applied.


70% of the income generated through our platform is directly redistributed to our users.
Artists and Fans.


We want to maximize fan participation
by giving them a compelling way to directly support their favorite artists and help 
preserve the integrity of independent creators.  


We aim for Chords to become the first
Fair, Sustainable and Ethical online music
community where all involved are 
paid and acknowledged fully.


Together.  Everybody.  Achieves.  More.

Artists Pricing


Build your community around your music.

Help your fans earn discount through their profile
    and zero out their membership.

100% Ad-Free


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chords available to international artists?

Chords beta is currently available only for artists located in the US.
International artists who would like to be a part of Chords are welcome to fill in the form below and we will make sure to send you an invite as soon as we roll out Chords internationally.

Is Chords available to international fans?

Yes, your Stripe account payment system accept payment in 135+ currencies.

Does Chords work on mobile?

No. Currently, Chords beta works only on desktop/laptop. But now worries, Chords mobile is on the way!

Is Chords beta compatible with all browsers?

No. Currently, Chords beta is optimized for Chome and Firefox.
But rest assured that we will make sure to optimize Chords for all major browsers as we go.

 Artist Sign Up Form

We are looking for a handful of artists that are willing and able to help us test the next version of the Chords platform.

Please fill out this form to be added to our beta list.

We will be in touch as we roll out the platform.


Chords beta


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