What is Chords?


The first music-streaming service run by independent artists for independent artists and fans.

How does Chords work for artists?

You will earn $7.00USD/Month per supporting fan. 

(100 Fans supporting you on Chords = $700USD/Month for you).

Each time a fan decides to support you, the duration of his/her support will last for 1 month

and will automatically renew each month. 

If the fan decides to support a different artist , the $7.00USD/Month will switch to the new supported artist.

If a new fan discovers you through a Chords Fan Page and decides to support you,
you will earn $6.00USD/Month and $1.00USD will go to the Chords Fan through which you were discovered.

It is your responsability to maintain a real relationship with your fans by creating the best music

and reward them in the most original way.  This will attract new fans and maintain your current Chords fan-base. 

How does Chords work for fans?

Each time an artist gets a new supporting fan through your Chords fan page, you will earn $1.00USD/Month.

You only need 10 new supporting fan through your Chords fan page to zero out your membership!

The duration of this earning will last as long as the new supporter is supporting the specific artist he/she discovered through your Chords fan page.

If the new supporter decides to support a different artist through someone else’s Chords fan page,

the $1.00USD/Month will switch to the new recommender.



How do I get on Chords?


Sign Up and be one of the first to get on.

How much is Chords?

Artist membership: FREE

Fan membership: $9.99/Month

What is a beta member?

A member who signup on Chords during the beta period.



How many beta Members are you allowing in?

We haven’t set a number yet, but you’ll want to make sure you’re one of the first.



When is general release?

We’re expecting the release of Chords.io during quarter 1 of 2019.



Can I migrate my existing website into Chords?

No, you will have to create your own new Chords profile.


Do I own my content on Chords?

Except granting a license to us to perform and promote Chords’s Service, you own your own content.

We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Service.


Your profile and materials uploaded remain yours. 

However, by publishing your content on Chords, you agree to allow others to view your content.

In any case, we will not enable 3rd party advertisement on your chords profile.

Is my content protected?

Chords works closely with ASCAP & BMI to make sure you perceive your royalties.

It is your responsibility to protect your content through ASCAP or BMI.

My content is not protected, what should I do?

We highly recommend that you create an ASCAP or BMI profile and get an ASCAP or BMI id#

in order to make sure that your content is copyrighted.

Note sure how to do it? We are here to help!

Click here to protect your music:

I am signed on a Label, can I still use Chords?

Unsigned/independent Artists are more than welcome to use Chords. It is for you that Chords was created.

If you are signed on a label, you need to make sure that your contract is non-exclusive and that you own your copyrights in order to avoid any copyright infringement.

How is my music used by Chords?

Once you create your Chords Artist Profile and upload your music, your music will be streamable

by the Chords Community.

Meanwhile, you do have the option to make your music available only to your Chords Supporting Fans.

Will I earn royalties if my music is played on Chords?

Chords is ASCAP and BMI Licensed. This mean that we do pay royalties to the ASCAP and BMI organizations for the diffusion of music on the Chords website.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your music is protected through the ASCAP or the BMI organization in order to receive your cut.


Can I upload any song on Chords?


Chords was created to help the preservation of the cultural diversity brought by independent creators.

Our goal is to make Chords “The Place to Go” to discover the very best new original music by independent artists. ​

For the time being we only accept ORIGINAL MUSIC and DO NOT ACCEPT COVER SONGS.

Can I edit my music on Chords?

Yes! You can edit, add or delete any content uploaded on Chords, anytime.



What are rewards?

Rewards are for your Chords Supporting Fans!


Think of this as a special treat for your fans that decide to support you. 

A lot of Chords Artists release bonus content early, host google hangouts, or ask their Chords Supporting Fans

for ideas for their next creation. 

It's really up to you!


We encourage Chords Artists to search around and see what other Chords Artists are offering

their Chords Supporting Fans. 

You can use the same rewards, but with your own touch or ask your fans what they would like! 

Rewards aren't required but are a great way to maintain your current supporting fan base, keep them happy

and get new ones.

How do I distribute my rewards?


Your analytics page gives you access to your direct and indirect supporters emails.


This will allow you to reach out to them directly and offer them the rewards of your choosing.

We believe that interacting directly with your fans creates a stronger bond with them and therefor strengthen

the loyalty of your fans.

Let’s be honest here! Would you rather receive a general notification or a personal message when it comes to interaction?

Take care of your fans, make them feel unique!

What are good rewards to offer?

Early access to concert tickets.

Your Chords Fans will probably be first in line for tickets anyway, so why not let them purchase tickets before the general public..

An easy way to fill those seats with the people who love your music the most.

Discuss lyrics and meaning 

Were your songs are inspired by a long-lost lover? 

A family pet? Wherever the inspiration came from, your Chords Fans want to know! 

Show some love to your Chords supporting Fans and write them a song! Ok--it doesn't have to be a love song with their name as the title; even just a little inspiration or lyric about them will do the trick. ;)

Backstage pass Invite 

Your Chords Supporting Fans backstage at your next gig!

They'll be stoked to see you play and even more excited to see what the show is like from your perspective.


Tutorials or breakdowns


Your Chords Supporting Fans want to know how you did it! 

Offering a behind the scenes look at your creative process is a fantastic middle-range reward that can be incredibly fun to make.


Google Hangout!


This is a great reward for your Chords Supporting Fans! Invite them to join you in an online video hangout 
where topics can range anywhere from what ideas they have for your next piece of content.


Name in credits


Writing a new song? Making a new video clip? 

Crediting your Chords Supporting Fans directly in what you create is such an awesome reward for them and super easy for you!



How do I get notified on chords?

At Chords, communication is truly important! 

Even more is the way we communicate with each other.

This is why on chords, for the time being, the only way to be notified and reached out is by email.
We believe that the attention and thought that is put in an email is more formal, respectful than a simple message.




Your email will not be displayed to any other chord user.




When do I get charged?

For monthly payment plans, service is billed in advance on a monthly basis. 

All credit card payments are secured and verified using Stripe. 

We don’t accept cash, checks, or PayPal for payment. 

Also, please note that we bill in USD and international payments may be subject to conversion fees.



When do I get paid?

On the 1st of each month. Please allow between 4 and 7 business days for payments to process.


What are my options to receive payment?

You have the option to receive payment via Stripe direct deposit to your checking account. 

Transfer fees: 


Receiving payment via Stripe - $0.25 fee for every deposit.

How do you calculate fees?

Our mission at Chords is to do everything we can to minimize fees. 

We hope this article sheds some light on the three main types. 

Payment processing fees represent the amount that our payment processors (Stripe) charge each time

they process a payment. 

Payment processors typically charge a percentage of each support plus a fixed number of cents.

Chords reduces processing fees by aggregating charges at the beginning of each month. 

International transfer fees apply to payments that pass between two different countries. 

Receiving payment via Stripe - $0.25 fee for every deposit 

Note: This does not include any fees associated with converting USD to your native currency.

Do you give refunds?

Payments are non-refundable.



What are Analytics?

Analytics offers information about your Chords Artist page performance.


What will "Analytics” page show me?

This section summarizes the support that you receive, the layout is based on your monthly payments. 


The table shows:


For Artists:


The number of Chords fans Directly supporting you with successfully-processed pledges for that month.


The number of Chords fans Indirectly supporting you with successfully-processed pledges for that month.


The amount of successfully-processed pledges for that month.


Your next transfer date.

For Fans:


The number of Chords fans Indirectly supporting a Chords Artist through your Chords Fan Page. 


The amount of money earned for that month.


The total amount that will be applied towards your next membership payment.



Do I need to pay taxes on the money I earn on Chords?

In most jurisdictions, the money you receive from your Chords Supporters is taxable income.


USA Artists are responsible for filing/paying taxes on the money received from Chords.

Your professional tax advisor can assist you to determine if you need to make quarterly tax payments

to the Internal Revenue Service.